Andrew Andron is an astonishing young musician who has been captivating New York audiences for nearly a decade.

His love of music and very unique experiences have molded a style of performance influenced by his firsthand relationships with some of jazz’s true masters and many of today’s finest musicians and entertainers. Expressed through the piano keys, he explores music spanning both continents and generations alike, bringing a young man’s perspective to a timeless tradition of music. 

Captivated by the dynamic nature of sound, Andrew began his musical journey at the age of three when he first discovered the piano. He naturally gravitated toward the instrument, showing tremendous interest from a very young age. He exclusively self-taught for several years, demonstrating his perceptive musical ear and artistic curiosity, both of which continue to guide him today as a pianist and composer. 

Andrew’s formal classical training had brought him to a number of music schools and conservatories, gaining him valuable insight into various approaches to music. The majority of Andrew’s early jazz instruction, however, has been at the side of jazz master, bebop icon and now dear friend, Barry Harris. Harris took a nine year old Andrew under his wing, teaching him jazz in depths available perhaps nowhere else in the world, introducing him not only to the art of live performance, but to true improvisation.

By the age of ten, Andrew began performing in many of New York’s most renown music venues, appearing with some of the world’s most legendary musicians. He has performed in venues throughout New York including the Village Vanguard, Iridium, Jazz Standard, Birdland, The Bitter End, The Cutting Room and Carnegie Hall, as well as many others. He has also had the great honor and privilege of performing and collaborating with such artists as his mentor Barry Harris, Les Paul, Richie Cannata, Julio Fernandez, Gerardo Velez, Jimmy Heath, Patience Higgins, Jason Moran, Rosie Perez, Mikhail Baryshnikov, T.K. Blue, Bertha Hope, Nicki Parrott, Chuck Israels, Ray Drummond, Leroy Williams, Jim Seeley, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown and Arturo O’Farrill. 

Over the past several years, Andrew began working closely with GRAMMY award-winning pianist, composer and bandleader, Arturo O’Farrill. Arturo introduced the young jazz pianist to the many faces of latin jazz, and helped him to further expand his understanding, appreciation and most of all, love of music. The ongoing tutelage by Mr. O’Farrill is considered by Andrew to be not only priceless, but a critical component of his lifelong music education. 

Now at nineteen, this young musician and composer wishes to carry on a tradition of truly great music, not only as an expression of the art, but also as a continuation of what has been passed to him, by sharing his love of music with audiences.